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DaveM2 3rd August 2021 12:02

Re: Fw-189 update

Originally Posted by harrison987 (Post 308768)
It is more valuable restored.

But...I agree with you.

Look at the gorgeous Japanese Zero that was recovered many years ago...LOADS of original paint. now hangs restored from the ceiling of a museum, nothing left original.

The Fw190 out of Russia that Flying Heritage has...was a BEAUTIFUL wreck. Nothing left original. Now restored and flying...though they spent $ is worth maybe $5M at the high side.

Same with Me109 G6 411077. the entire fuselage is made new.

The 190 analogy is incorrect, very much original, including 90% of the skins, hence the cost.

Revi16 3rd August 2021 21:06

Re: Fw-189 update

Originally Posted by harrison987 (Post 308746)
I know the main wing spar was too damaged for use. When it comes it aircraft...regardless of how many original aluminum parts you have (even if near perfect) have to replace everything.

Aluminum age hardens...and it is far too risky to fly any aircraft without replacing 80% of the airframe.

Not sure where you get the above, but 80% of the airframes on DC-3's, AT-6's, T-28's, B-17's (to name a few) have not been replaced. Unless there is damage or corrosion the original aluminum parts are still with it, wing spars, wing/fuselage skins, etc..

There are instances when rare aircraft are 80% new or even higher because they are using the data plate to start a rebuild with a lack of parts, but saying aluminum age hardens and is too risky to keep flying is inaccurate.

markjsheppard 3rd August 2021 22:56

Re: Fw-189 update
One that I saw when first recovered and researched in detail with Finnish friends.

Not sure how it can be called a replica when you start with 95% of an original airframe. Most damaged section was the glasshouse but the center section, wings, fins and tailplane were all there. Both engines and cowlings. Booms also but a bit distorted.

As with the '190 A-5, there is a vast amount of original material. I would guess the stork and tactical markings on the fin would be retained unrestored and replaced.

I would like to see it restored. Whether flying or static. Been a long time - nearly 30 years!

I think it was also discovered it was used for testing in 1941 - I can't recall if Bremen or somewhere else. Something was sent to me years ago but I currently can't locate.



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