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James A Pratt III 8th April 2013 01:42

Stalingrad the Air battle errata
I have some errata for the book Stalingrad the air battle by Christer Bergstrom. I fine book but here is the errata: Paulus the CG of the German 6th army was not a Von.
Mention is made of Tiger Tanks with both the Stalingrad relief force and the SS Viking Division. Reality The 503rd Pz Abt did not arrive at the front until January 1943. It had 39 tanks of which 23 were Pz IIINs and the rest Tigers.
2 January it was with a Luftwaffe field unit
5 January at Stanpopol
6 January with Panzer Grenidier Rgt 128
7 January at Budgennyj and bratzkyj with Grenadier rgt 159 and a Pz Abt of the 17th panzer Division.
See the Book Tigers In Combat Volume I and the Combat History of German Tank Battalion 503

James A Pratt III 8th April 2013 02:23

Re: Stalingrad the Air battle errata
One other thing i doubts about is the 5 July 1942 bombing raid mentioned in this book on the Livadia Palace (not Castle). First of all it's not that big as palaces go and there are many other similiar sized building in the area. I have doubts the VVS could find it in the dark considering most air forces at this time had problems finding cities in the dark. If the germans were having a big party there it was sure put on short notice. Sevastopol fell on 4 July and there was plenty for most commanders to do. It also appears the palace didn't suffer much damage during WW II because this is where the US delagation stayed during the Yalta conference and since President Roosevelt had health problems. He dies about 3 months later. The talks were held in the dining room/ball room of this palace. You might say this place saw some real changes:
1911: Tsar Nicholas II daughter Olga has her coming out ball in this room. Ladies in ball gown and officers in dress uniforms dancing.
1942: Dusty German officers celebrating the fall of Sevastopol (if the party happened)
1945: Allied leaders decide the fate of the post war world.

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