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Chris Goss 22nd April 2010 23:10

Schulestaffel/KG 26
Can anyone confirm for certain that Stab III/KG 26 became Schulestaffel/KG 26? According to a pilot taken POW in Apr 41, he flew with 9/KG 26 and that his St Kap was Oblt Herbert Kaden. This pilot flew in an ac marked 1H+ID, similarly marked to that flown by Kaden when he was lost in Mar 41. However, I have the St Kap of 9/KG 26 at Hptm Otto Stiller and the NVM for the pilot lost in Apr 41 says he was with Schulestaffel/KG 26. The K Report says they were with 10/KG 26-what is correct?

Doug Stankey 23rd April 2010 02:09

Re: Schulestaffel/KG 26
We have no indication that Stab III./KG 26 became, or contributed to the creation of a, "Schulestaffel/KG 26". Why would there be one when IV(Egr)/KG 26 was in existence by March 1941? Here is what we have about Kaden and Stiller:

KADEN, Herbert. (DOB: 06.02.15). 01.08.39 promo to Oblt., in Sch./Fl.Ausb.Rgt. 43. 12.03.41 MIA over the UK.

STILLER, Otto. 11.39 Hptm., appt Staka 9./KG 26 (to 29.10.41 KIA). 15.08.41 Hptm. in III./KG 26, MIA in Russia. 29.10.41 status changed to KIA.

Interestingly, in Larry's notes he states:
15.8.41: 9./KG 26, He 111 H-6 (1H+AT) shot down by AA fire near Yelnya, 100%, Staka Hptm. Otto Stiller and crew MIA (Stiller and 2 others later returned).

We hope that this helps


Chris Goss 23rd April 2010 09:49

Re: Schulestaffel/KG 26
Thanks Doug but this is still a puzzle. The NVM says Schulestaffel, the K report states that crews from Stab III/KG 26 formed 10/KG 26, the pilot (Lt Klaus Conrad) says he was 9 Staffel but that his St Kap was Kaden whilst another 9 Staffel pilot (Tengler) says his St Kap was Stiller (supported by a letter written after his capture to his parents)

lydia79 27th February 2013 22:25

Re: Schulestaffel/KG 26

my name is Lydia Mädger - Herbert Kaden was my granduncle.
My grandmother searching her brother (Herbert) all the time and does´nt find him the last 70 years. She died in year 2009.
I find the name in the magazin -Britains at war (Oct 2010)- und looking for more infomation about him.
Can anybody help me.

Lydia Mädger- Dresden

sorry for my english

Chris Goss 1st March 2013 20:24

Re: Schulestaffel/KG 26
Lydia and myself are in touch you will be pleased to know as it was me to wrote aout Oblt Kaden (albeit briefly) in Britain at War

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