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paulmcmillan 9th November 2017 17:08

The Fate of Boeing FB-1 A-6885 24th August 1929
In the summer of 1929, 3 Boeing FB-1's (A-6885, A-6890, A-6891) were transferred from the Navy to the Department of Commerce. 3 Department of Commerce Pilots were assigned to Pilot these aircraft from San Diego to Washington via Yuma, Davis-Monthan, and El Paso.

The delivery was late August 1929 as a flight of 3

The aircraft were assigned as follows

A-6885 Lester J 'Holly' Holoubek - The J I cannot find but maybe Joseph after his father (1901 to 1961)

A-6890 Marshall Sutherland Boggs (1894 to KIFA 1933)

A-6891 Capt. Henry Bishop Pentland (1895 Died 1932)

They arrived Davis-Monthan, Arizona August 22 1929 and stayed the night

I assume they overnighted at El Paso on August 23rd, 1929 however, on August 24th 1929, an accident occurred which resulted in the loss of A-6885

Arizona Daily Star from Tucson, Arizona Page 2 August 25, 1929

FLIER'S LIFE SAVED IN PARACHUTE JUMP DALLAS, Texas, Aug. 24.- L.J. Holoubek, 31, of Los Angeles, department, of commerce aeronautics engineering inspector, saved his life today by a parachute jump when his plane went into a spin and crashed near here. Though somewhat nervous and depressed because the machine had been smashed, Holoubek, was unhurt. He found his induction into the Caterpillar Club, the ranks of those who have escaped death the parachute, a shaky affair "that was my first 'chute jump and I'll tell the world it isn't pleasant." he declared. The machine was one of the small fast pursuit ships turned over to the department of commerce by the navy flying service Holoubek with Capt. H B Pentland, department of Commerce aeronautics inspector for Love Field here, and M S. Boggs of arrived in the three planes from El Paso, enroute from San Diego, Calif to Washington Holoubek's craft, he said, gave him trouble since leaving El Paso

With thanks to the Davis-Monthan Register for more details of the crew, aircraft and flight details

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