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Danny152 3rd November 2020 20:47

Re: Mossey post war crash, a number of pleas ....
Hiya all,

I am currently writing the bio on W/C Bertie Rex O'Bryen Hoare, DFC + Bar, DSO + Bar. Those that have heard of him will know he was killed in a flying accident off the coast of Australia on 26 March 1947. With my research there is a few questions if I may:

- John Field, who flew Mosquito TE746 from the UK to Singapore, can anyone provide the his rank at the time, the date it flew from the UK, I imagine from RAF Pershore, Worcestershire?

- Is there a photo of Flying Officer Walter Colvin - 84 Squadron

- Can anyone help with the crew that flew the second Mossey on the 26 March, serial TE927, later been given serial NZ2330

- A Dutch C47 assisted with the SAR on the 26/27, does anyone know the squadron-serial of this aircraft?

- A Mossey pilot wrote a book talking about a crash and how the crash happened, however I have no other details apart what someone wrote - quote:

"There is another story about Hoare's demise which is rather more distressing. It turned up in a book by another Mosquito pilot who does not mention Hoare's name, but the way the story is told it can only be him."

It would be great to find this unknown book!

Any help on this please would be gratefully recieved.



Leendert 4th November 2020 10:51

Re: Mossey post war crash, a number of pleas ....

Dutch and (then) Dutch NEI newspapers of that time report that the (or rather, any) Dutch involvement coincided with the search for a Dutch Navy Dakota (W-12), missing from a flight from Sydney to Surabaya. Crew (safe) and a/c were later found near Gimbat Station, NT.

At least one Dutch Dakota (W-9, No. 321 Squadron, Dutch Naval Air Service) was dispatched from Surabaya (Morokrembangan) to Australia, but not clear if also on the lookout for the Mosquito later on.


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