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Mr Schmitt 10th November 2016 16:23

DB601 Drawings

I am looking for Daimler Benz DB601A manufacturing drawings to help a ground running project. Particularly the cam shaft covers and also the rear gear housing.
These would only be for project use. If you can help, please PM me.

Kind Regards

Snautzer 11th November 2016 22:59

Re: DB601 Drawings
I have Handbuch DB 601 A-B (75 pages)

Mr Schmitt 12th November 2016 13:19

Re: DB601 Drawings
Thanks for the reply. I am currently away for a week and will check my files. It is possible I have this already, but I will double check next weekend.
Kind Regards

Tony Kambic 17th November 2016 17:54

Re: DB601 Drawings
I trust you know about Udo Hafner's collection of material.

Mr Schmitt 23rd November 2016 16:26

Re: DB601 Drawings
Hi Tony, Thank you for the reply. Udo is a personal friend of mine and I have all the books he has reprinted. Much appreciated.

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