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Jochen Prien 1st March 2010 11:57

Jagdfliegerverbände 10 / IV

inspite of the usual / inevitable delay I'm happy to inform you that as of today Volume 10/IV of the Jagdfliegerverbände series is available via struve-druck or the appropriate book-shops. It is the final volume of the 1943 Home / West coverage and comprises 631 pages, some 235 photos, line-drawings and a large fold-out map of the West with the Luftwaffe grid-system with both numerical and alphabetical square designations for the Luftwaffenmeldenetz and the Jägermeldenetz.

Work on the next two volumes - 11/I and II - which will cover the service in the Mediterrannean ToW in 1943 is almost completed so that - if everything went according to plan - there may be two more volumes appearing in 2010 in an effort to take up some of the slack that has built up over the past two or three years. But that's no promise.

I hope that you will be satisfied with the latest volume.


Jochen Prien

Stig Jarlevik 1st March 2010 22:15

Re: Jagdfliegerverbände 10 / IV
Amazing Jochen

If we calculate with an average of 500 pages per book you and your friends just topped 9000 pages and with the two Med books in the pipeline you will hit the 10000 break point. Can't think of anything that comes close....:)

In my case standing order of course. Must say I look forward to the Vol 11/I and II

Good luck

Russ Hornbeck 7th March 2010 23:47

Re: Jagdfliegerverbände 10 / IV
Fortunately I have been able to purchase a complete set up to Vol 10/ III from a dealer but can you tell me where to purchase Vol.10/ IV?
Also, when or how can I find out when these go on sale in the future.
This is one the most amazing historical documents printed and the information contained in them is invaluable.

I appreciate any info you can give.

John Beaman 8th March 2010 00:09

Re: Jagdfliegerverbände 10 / IV
Try Christian-Schmidt. They are a very reputable and dependable book store in Germany and they have been handling Dr. Prien's works for many years.

Russ Hornbeck 8th March 2010 03:18

Re: Jagdfliegerverbände 10 / IV
Thank you John!
I have checked them out and found two other books I have been looking for.


Ruy Horta 8th March 2010 10:33

Re: Jagdfliegerverbände 10 / IV

Originally Posted by Stig Jarlevik (Post 102616)
If we calculate with an average of 500 pages per book you and your friends just topped 9000 pages and with the two Med books in the pipeline you will hit the 10000 break point. Can't think of anything that comes close....:)

Stig, the other day I was thinking along similar lines.

What Jochen Prien, Peter Rodeike, Gerhard Stemmer and Winfried Bock have done is unique and I doubt it will ever be surpassed. Let us all hope they will continue to find the time, inspiration and means to finish the series!!

thenelm 16th March 2010 00:20

Re: Jagdfliegerverbände 10 / IV
Absolutely!! I know these volumes are expensive, but anyone with a really serious interest in LW fighter units really needs to find a way to get these, even if language challenged (as I am). I doubt we'll ever see anything that remotely approaches the comprehensive nature of this series ever again. For any AF. Sadly.

Ruy Horta 24th March 2010 17:15

Re: Jagdfliegerverbände 10 / IV
For your information copies are now shipping.

Received a complimentary copy this monday, a big thank you to Jochen and friends.

At 600+ pages it is impressively big!

John Beaman 24th March 2010 22:10

Re: Jagdfliegerverbände 10 / IV
Mine made it to this side of the pond today. Impressive, indeed!

Sylvester Stadler 31st March 2010 03:59

Re: Jagdfliegerverbände 10 / IV
The nomination for THE BOOK OF THE YEAR would be an understatement. Let us hope that aviation historians of the war in Europe during the Second World War will use Jochen Prien's histories for a fair and balanced account of the clashes of the fighter forces of Germany versus those of the British and Americans. The first thing I look at when I acquire a book is to look at the bibliography to determine if both sides have been researched. This book should answer many mysteries which have seen the light of day and should demolish many myths which have been accepted as the gospel truth. As an example, I looked at the date of 26 June 1943 on which it was claimed that the future American ace Robert Johnson was attacked and claimed by Egon Mayer, who, according to one author and the History Channel, claimed three P-47s on this date including Johnson's by describing the three letters on the side of the P-47. Mayer made no claims on this date but did claim three P-47s later on 1 December 1943.

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