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edwest 27th June 2012 18:09

Spitfire vs 109
A hefty page count on this one. Scheduled for August.

Usual disclaimer,

DavidIsby 28th July 2012 21:41

Re: Spitfire vs 109
Still available from Amazon for ten quid and change:

DavidIsby 28th July 2012 21:51

Re: Spitfire vs 109
My latest book, THE DECISIVE DUEL: SPITFIRE VS. 109, published by Little, Brown, is now available in hardcover and paperback editions at bookstores throughout the UK, as well as from on-line sources including Amazon.Com.

A "dual biography" of the British Supermarine Spitfire and the German Messerschmitt Bf 109 fighter aircraft of the Second World War, the book traces their story from their origins with their brilliant designers, R.J. Mitchell and Willy Messerschmitt, through the race to design and deploy them before they met in combat over Dunkirk and the Battle of Britain. Even after the decisive battles of 1940s, advanced versions of both fighters clashed repeatedly throughout the war, until their final battles over the Middle East in 1948-49.

I am grateful for the opportunity of having been able to use this forum to check facts for this book. I think you'll like it.

FalkeEins 29th July 2012 15:49

Re: Spitfire vs 109
first impressions are very good..a 450 page hardback for less than an Osprey - what's not to like. Very nicely written, a good mix of the technology and the people, have only spent 60 minutes browsing my copy thus far but I'm impressed.....

DavidIsby 3rd August 2012 15:17

Re: Spitfire vs 109
FYI - Falke Eins expanded his comments above on his Luftwaffe history blog.

Jukka Juutinen 3rd August 2012 17:22

Re: Spitfire vs 109
From Neil's blog:"the two stage supercharged Spit IX was - all else being equal - superior to the two speed supercharged German Gustav variant of the Bf 109..."

Since when did the 109G get a two-speed supercharger? It did have an infinitely variable drive (between limits) for its blower...

DavidIsby 5th August 2012 02:22

Re: Spitfire vs 109
"While the DB 605A retained the single-stage supercharger of the DB 601, its barometrically controlled hydraulic clutch constantly adjusted the supercharger's compressor speed to different altitudes (rather than having gears for just two speeds); this made it more efficient". (p. 280)

Jukka Juutinen 5th August 2012 04:44

Re: Spitfire vs 109
So the book has it right, but Neil's blog wrong?

FalkeEins 5th August 2012 12:46

Re: Spitfire vs 109
think of it as 'shorthand' ; see here

Jukka Juutinen 5th August 2012 17:53

Re: Spitfire vs 109
The linked text quotes twice the claim of two speed superchargers on the Bf 109G. And in general that linked text very much discourages me from buying this book. And not due to the aforementioned thing.

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