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djnikcy 6th February 2018 06:58

Forthcoming book - Rogozarski IK-3
I am happy to announce that in the coming months the next airplane book I wrote together with Nenad Miklušev will be published with Kagero Publishing, who also published my Dornier Do 22 book. The airplane in question is Rogozarski IK-3, a Royal Yugoslav Air Force fighter. Nenad and i used many before unpublished references to detail the entire story behind this airplane, it's predecessors and post war developments. Apart from 135 photos, there will be detailed technical drawings and color profiles made by Nenad. Also something completely new this time, a detailed 3D model of IK-3 by Branislav Mirkov with the entire wing and fuselage structure, engine, cockpit and many other interesting items for the modelers!

Stay tuned for more information soon!

Dénes Bernád 6th February 2018 20:18

Re: Forthcoming book - Rogozarski IK-3
Congratulations, Djordje!

Orwell1984 10th February 2018 14:11

Re: Forthcoming book - Rogozarski IK-3
Enjoyed your Dornier book so looking forwards to this one too!

djnikcy 10th February 2018 23:06


Originally Posted by Dénes Bernád (Post 247149)
Congratulations, Djordje!

Thanks Dénes and thank you for your help with the IK-3 photo!


Originally Posted by Orwell1984 (Post 247359)
Enjoyed your Dornier book so looking forwards to this one too!

I am very happy to hear that! The IK-3 book will have about half the photographs but will have better technical drawings and of course the 3D profiles. I look forward to hearing your opinion when you get it.

djnikcy 2nd March 2018 21:54

Re: Forthcoming book - Rogozarski IK-3
Technical drawings for the IK-3 book are complete![I...ans%20IK-3.jpg[I...ans%20IK-3.jpg

djnikcy 6th June 2018 19:34

Re: Forthcoming book - Rogozarski IK-3
Rogozarski IK-3 book is going to print!

Book contains a total of 184 page, 74 pages with text and photos (130), 27 technical drawing pages in scale 1/48 and 1/72 plus an A2 insert in 1/32 scale, 8 pages of color profiles and 71 pages of 3D renders of the entire airplane, internal structure, cockpit, engine, weapons etc.[I..._ik3_cover.jpg

Jukka Juutinen 7th June 2018 17:50

Re: Forthcoming book - Rogozarski IK-3
Are there original period technical drawings in it? Does it have info of its flying characteristics (how it handled, stalling charactersitics, spin recovery etc.)?

djnikcy 7th June 2018 19:16

Re: Forthcoming book - Rogozarski IK-3
Hello Jukka,

There are no original technical drawings in existance so we recreated technical drawings in detail for the prototype, first series, second series prototype, DB-601 engine project, dual seat project as well as post war S-49A and C. There are several pilot and other eyewitness accounts of IK-3 flying as well as combat, for example during a mock fight when it out turned the Bf-109E which was later used in the war against the Germans. There are several tables comparing the prototype, first series and second series models as well as comparing the IK-3 to two other fighters in the Royal Yugoslav Air Force, the Bf-109E-3a and Hawker Hurricane Mk. I.

Hope this answers your questions. If you have any other questions, plese do let me know!

edwest2 7th June 2018 22:59

Re: Forthcoming book - Rogozarski IK-3
I found an IK-3 in German markings on this forum (scroll down a little). I do not know if it is well known.

djnikcy 7th June 2018 23:41

Re: Forthcoming book - Rogozarski IK-3
That photograph is a fake, it has circulated the internet for some time now. Anyhow, allegedly one IK-3 was taken along with two other airplanes (Ikarus Orkan and Beslin B-5) by rail to Germany. It was thought for a long time that it went to Rechlin but since the entire archive there was preserved, there was no mention in the documents about IK-3 being there so it most likely did not take place. A possible alternative destination was Berlin Airplane museum where all captured airplanes were brought. It is well known this museum was destroyed during one of the bombing raids, hence it is not possible to find any proof of IK-3 being there, i reasearched all available photos.

At least 3 IK-3s were captured at Zemun airfield in various condition, a number of photographs are in the book. We did a complete assesment and sketch of all captured airplanes at Zemun, there werre quite a few.

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