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John Beaman 8th November 2016 19:29

I was recently reading about Simo Häyhä of Finland, apparently the leading sniper of WWII.

The recent US movie, "Sniper" was a huge success in the US. Does anyone know of the leading US sniper in WWII, be it USA or Marine?


Broncazonk 13th November 2016 05:07

The top US sniper of all time was probably in Korea. (Lot's of Chinese in the open.) When I was a kid, the man living two houses down the block was a USMC sniper in WWII and Korea. He had, "about 30 in the Pacific, and over 150 in Korea." And in Korea he said that wasn't a big number. (Will always remember the mason jars of Japanese gold teeth, and all the Chinese gear he had.)

Knew another Marine who served in Korea who had 70-plus, and he was just a guy who liked being on the line and going on patrols.

Col. David Willis, (yes, I met him at Quantico, yes, he actually is a GOD) said the top scores were in Korea. Col. Chandler at Camp Lejeune said the same thing: Korea.

For WWII, it's probably Army, but that's a guess.

For Vietnam, it's a mess. USMC: Charles 'Chuck' Mawhinney (103 confirmed kills and 216 probable) Carlos Hathcock (who I met in Quantico at OCS)(93 confirmed kills and 300 to 400 probable) / USA: Adelbert F. Waldron (109 confirmed kills and unkn probable) The 'real' answer depends on the probables.


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