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Chris Goss 2nd August 2018 08:14

EBay Photos -Seller Beware
I have just received an unhappy response from a seller of a photo because I left neutral scores. For other buyers, I will explain why so that others might wish to do the same for others as I will continue to do

He forgot to send it.
It was not original but a post war copy
The description was totally inaccurate.
His communication was poor.
The photo was damaged
The letter protection was inadequate

He was lucky not to get a negative! Others buyers should perhaps have the courage to do similarly as I am seeing more and more of similar sales. Suffice to say I will no be using him again and looking at his other neutral and negative feedbacks he deserves what he gets.

Bruce Dennis 2nd August 2018 09:08

Re: EBay Photos -Seller Beware
Quite right, Chris.
And, just to add weight to the power of feedback, while a seller can challenge a NEGATIVE and have it removed by the Ebay minions, apparantly whether they gave rubbish service or not, they do not have the right to this procedure with NEUTRAL feedback: they are stuck with it.


RudiS 2nd August 2018 10:06

Re: EBay Photos -Seller Beware
I gave a seller negative feedback for selling me modern repros in stead of original photos and not answering me when I contacted him about this. eBay Germany removed the negative feedback. I contacted them 3 times asking why they did so and 3 times they gave me a different reason. The 4th time they didn't even bothered answering me.

So now I'm doing the same as Chris except that I also mention on the feedback page that the item was shipped too late. This might influence the sellers rate and his capability of selling items worldwide.

Red Baroness 6th August 2018 05:03

Re: EBay Photos -Seller Beware
Oooh, don't get me started on that, guys. This past year, I won a bid on some super rare Oesau pics. Guy supposedly sent them to me - well for some reason, they got stuck in Customs (so they say) or "lost" (so he said). Royal Mail couldn't find them, and when I asked the guy about it, I got the silent treatment. Thank GAWD I went thru paypal. But I won't buy from that guy ever again. Those photos are either lost or he never sent them.

Chris Goss 6th August 2018 08:55

Re: EBay Photos -Seller Beware
I have had a similar experience with a rare RK photo. Sent registered, never arrived. Seller was true to his word though & refunded me despite not accepting PayPal. It seems that people see registered, think there is something valuable in the letter & when they find it is a photo chuck the letter & contents.

Red Baroness 7th August 2018 01:23

Re: EBay Photos -Seller Beware
Yeah, that's what I think happened too. Though I DO have issue with one of the new postal workers here. Bugger tucked an important medical package under the ramp to my garage by the wheel chock I have and I didn't see it until 3 days later - in 95F heat. Thankfully, it wasn't my insulin, but it WAS a component of my meter that I had to get resent.

After the Oesau pic debacle and this package issue, I am seriously mistrustful of the post office and eBay in general.

Chris Goss 30th August 2018 08:29

Re: EBay Photos -Seller Beware
What I am also seeing are "original" photos being sold only for the same photo to be sold by the same seller again. One photo I have noticed is on its third selling. Buyer beware!

Simon Schatz 30th August 2018 13:04

Re: EBay Photos -Seller Beware
Chris, it's quite possible that not just one photograph was made from the negative.
Some years ago there was an impressive photo Album of a former Wehrmacht photographer. The photos in the Album were numbered and at the end of the Album the soldiers could order them. So sometimes lot of "wartime" copies were made.
I also have a Ju 88 photograph in my collection that was sold at Ebay some years later after I have bought it.

Chris Goss 30th August 2018 17:32

Re: EBay Photos -Seller Beware
Agreed but the same seller to have 3 photos and describing them as original? Post-war copy from the negative yes but original in the true sense no

RudiS 31st August 2018 00:17

Re: EBay Photos -Seller Beware
If the same photo was indeed sold 3 times then there are several possibilities. The most obvious one is that the seller is taking modern reproductions and makes them look old to sell them as original wartime prints.
But it's also possible that:
- the seller bought a lot of photos who belonged to the same serviceman who happened to have 3 wartime prints made from the same negative
- the seller didn't get paid the first 2 times the photo was sold
- the seller is using another account to increase the price of the photo (shill bidding) but he ended up buying his own photo twice before

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