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RudiS 16th November 2018 13:23

Incredible price for a photocopy of a FB
Two bidders bid over 100 euro for a photocopy of this FB:

Does anyone know why this FB is so special?

Vince Malfara 16th November 2018 20:19

Re: Incredible price for a photocopy of a FB
Hi Rudi

I didn't translate all the German text in the listing but a quick search showed he was:
"General of the Waffen-SS and SS-Obergruppenfuhrer commander of the SS spiritual capital the castle at Wewelsburg"
And flew quite the variety of aircraft.
Just what I found, obviously some one really wanted it no matter that it is a copy.Hope it's helps


RudiS 17th November 2018 00:28

Re: Incredible price for a photocopy of a FB
Maj Richard Taubert was the Kdr of II./KG54 from Oct 1st 1942 till Mar 28th 1943 and at the same time he supposed to be "2nd Burghauptmann" of the Wewelsburg with the rank of SS-Obergruppenführer en General der Waffen-SS???

Clearly 2 different persons. This is what I found in Henry L. deZeng IV and Douglas G. Stankey Luftwaffe Officer Career Summaries DB:

TAUBERT, Siegfried. 08.34 Lt., appt Techn.Offz. of 2./KG 154 (to 08.36). 12.35 Oblt., appt Techn.Offz. in
Stab/KG 154. 01.04.37 Hptm., appt Staka 9.(Kampf)/Lehrgeschwader Greifwald (to 31.10.38). 01.11.38
Hptm., appt Staka 9./LG 1 (to 10.02.39). 01.04.41 promo to Maj. 29.07.41 appt Leiter
Ausbildungsgruppe/Bombenschule Anklam (to 10.11.41). 11.11.41 appt Kdr. I./KSG 1 (to 30.09.42).
01.10.42 Hptm., appt Kdr. II./KG 54 (to 28.03.43). 29.03.43 Maj., provisional Kdr. II./KG 54, trf to
Frontflieger-Sammelgruppe. 16.04.43 trf to Flugzeug-Überführungsgeschwader 1. 15.06.43 Maj., appt
Kommodore Flugzeugüberführungsgeschwader 1. 24.09.43 appt Kdr. Gruppe
Mitte/Flugzeugüberführungsgeschwader 1. 06.44 with 6./JG 104? 22.09.44 Obstlt., appt Kdr. Lw.-
Festungs-Btl. XXXIII (to 16.10.44). 01.11.44 promo to Obstlt. 16.12.44 appt Kdr. II./Fsch.Jg.Rgt.

Silver 17th November 2018 12:43

Re: Incredible price for a photocopy of a FB
These offers from the provider in ebay I also noticed already.

Many of the copies are mostly bought by the same person when you looking at the ebay-reviews from the seller.

It's crazy what the seller (former book author) with these copies in recent months has earned a money!

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