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jim norton 18th August 2020 14:24

update bama
bama has a list of new digitalized files - but i only managed to take a look into one file. others won't open with the special view-programm :-(
all the best

Steve Coates 21st August 2020 20:18

Re: update bama
Thanks for this.

Mihai Pica 24th August 2020 11:41

Re: update bama

Steve Coates 1st October 2020 20:21

Re: update bama
Just by way of a quick update.

I wrote to the BA-MA to enquire what else they planned to digitise from RL 2-III and if they could share their plan as to which files would be included. They have confirmed that for the time being, they have no plans to digitise anything further from RL 2-III. Their aim was to digitise the primary organisational directives.

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