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paulmcmillan 19th September 2018 13:37

Re: eBay: Allied intrest
The location of Bapaum is interesting

Could this be the aircraft of Pilot Officer Michael Robert Mudie #42073 of 615 May 15 1940 ?

Mudie made a forced-landing at Bapaume at this date after an engagement with Do17s


Stig Jarlevik 19th September 2018 14:01

Re: eBay: Allied intrest
Not impossible Paul

The only date I have seen together with a photo of the aircraft is 25 May. which I assumed was the date when the photo was taken.


Faenor 19th September 2018 14:27

Re: eBay: Allied intrest
Hi all,

I have another 2 photo of same Gladiator, but serial number is not visible. If you are interesting, please send me INFO or e-mail and I can share with everybody, who is interesting.

Another option is, that this is one from machines destroyed on the ground 18.5.1940, but from my perspective this one looks very fine for this type of destroying - I have more photos on Gladiators, which looks destroyed on the ground (but I have them without place, so another possibility is, that these Gladiators are Belgian).


paulmcmillan 19th September 2018 15:18

Re: eBay: Allied intrest
Can someone translate the back of the photo ?

I think it says

Eintranz Flutklarer
Einsam u. verlassen auf weiter
Fluv bei Bapaume


borborygm 19th September 2018 16:17

Re: eBay: Allied intrest
A French reconnaissance plane
lone and forlorn on vast meadow near Bapaume

paulmcmillan 19th September 2018 16:50

Re: eBay: Allied intrest
Thanks borborygm

If you see Bernard photo then there looks like some sort of combat damaged Under Gladiator cockpit

Can anyone confirm Mudie flying Gladiator on the date of his force landing at Bapaume

Snautzer 20th September 2018 22:34

Re: eBay: Allied intrest
  1. Hurricane P2537 wreck
  2. Hurricane P2959 and P5238 wreck

Faenor 21st September 2018 08:35

Re: eBay: Allied intrest

Originally Posted by Snautzer (Post 258071)

P5238 is Fairey Battle.


Snautzer 21st September 2018 13:06

Re: eBay: Allied intrest
  1. Hurricane P-HP Morlaix-Bretagne

BABIN 21st September 2018 21:28

Re: eBay: Allied intrest
Picture of P5238 was taken at Nantes-Château Bougon airfield in June 1940.


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