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Huib Ottens 18th March 2005 20:01

Flugbereitschaft der RLM
Hi Gruppe,

Does anybody know what the role/function was of the "Flugbereitschaft der RLM" ?

Any leads to the history of the "Flugbereitschaft der RLM" in documents/books etc?


ChrisMAg2 19th March 2005 14:54

Re: Flugbereitschaft der RLM
"Flugbereitschaft" is an a/c-pool and service organisation of the RLM. The main intention is to provide standby air-transport (mainly personell, but also transport and medivac) for the RLM and/ or the governement. A privat air taxi, if you want.

ju55dk 19th March 2005 17:46

Re: Flugbereitschaft der RLM
You can find the KTB of this unit, in BA/MA RL 10/406. It covers the period 02.03-19.09.1942.


Huib Ottens 19th March 2005 22:02

Re: Flugbereitschaft der RLM
Thanks very much for the replies. Highly informative!

Would/could the Flugbereitschaft der RLM be the unit to supply an aircraft and (personal) pilot to a high ranking Army officer for air transportation duties (like between HQ and frontline units)?

If not, who was responsible for these kind of duties within the Luftwaffe?

Andreas Brekken 20th March 2005 22:36

Re: Flugbereitschaft der RLM

Yes, this unit could and would be used for this kind of duty, along with several others with the same partial name 'Flugbereitschaften', but also the Kurierketten etc etc


Huib Ottens 21st March 2005 20:49

Re: Flugbereitschaft der RLM
Thanks Andreas.

Any suggested reading on the subject of Kurierketten?

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