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knusel 8th November 2015 17:30

any MiG-1 aces
Good evening,

has any Soviet pilot ever attained ace status in the MiG-1 ?


Delmenhorst 9th November 2015 14:18

Re: any MiG-1 aces
It is not very likely. Not many were in use and they were 'easy meat'.

James A Pratt III 9th November 2015 23:39

Re: any MiG-1 aces
I don't think so either there is no mention of any in the Osprey book on Mig-3 aces

kirche 10th November 2015 11:33

Re: any MiG-1 aces
Hi Michael,
Why it is necessary to divide the pilots of the MiG-1 and MiG-3? These aircraft have been in units together and differed little from each other. Only the MiG-1 in all there were 100 aircraft!
By 1 June 1941, they remained 76-77 aircraft (only 55 serviceable):
- 37 (part faulty) MiG-1 were 41 IAP 9 SAD. 22-24.06.1941, the division ceased to exist (in 9 SAD was just over 230 MiG).
- 31 IAP 8 SAD had 31 MiG-1 (most faulty).
- 4 IAP (or 55 IAP) 20 SAD was only 8 MiG-1.
All these planes flew from the winter of 1941 and were badly worn.


knusel 13th November 2015 10:07

Re: any MiG-1 aces

yes, the Osprey volume mentions MiG-3 aces only.
I was wondering if any MiG-1 pilot grabbed some quick five kills in 1941, but you're right. It is very unlikely.

Have a nice weekend,


Mirek Wawrzynski 13th November 2015 21:42

Re: any MiG-1 aces
No chances, there were too fast destroyed or lost due to technical faults in June 1941, plus very bad Soviet air command. This plane did not have a radio too.

There were no such possibility, when one men used not good plane. To many factors is against this.


knusel 17th November 2015 18:57

Re: any MiG-1 aces
Yeah, it stood no chance.


knusel 27th May 2017 22:25

Re: any MiG-1 aces
Is it possible to tell a MiG-1 from a MiG-3 by their outward appearance ?


Juha 27th May 2017 22:46

Re: any MiG-1 aces
Hello Michael
on MiG-3 the canopy glazing was extended aft to improve the pilot's view to the rear, that was IMHO the easiest difference to notice.

PMoz99 28th May 2017 03:47

Re: any MiG-1 aces
Hello Michael.
The modifications to the Mig-1 to turn it into a Mig-3 were no different to those you find within many models of other aircraft which retained their basic name - Hurricane, Spitfire, Bf109, P-40, P-47.
Apart from the canopy change, there was also a small oil cooler duct added under the nose of the Mig-3.
The Russians have a tendency to give a slightly modified aircraft a new name - just look at their current list! - so don't get put off by that.
There were only 100 Mig-1's vs 3100+ Mig-3's, which makes the type almost insignificant, and it is also an indication that the Mig-3 was a development rather than a new design. The 100 Mig-1's were almost just prototypes for the Mig-3.
I don't want to give you new ideas, but unless you're planning on looking at aces in aircraft sub-types, I'd put the Mig-1 with the Mig-3.

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