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Joerg Dietsche 9th December 2005 18:09

P-47 losses on 3 Dec 1944
Who were the pilots in P-47s Serial-No. 42-28818 of 36th FG and 44-20219 of 358th FG.
I am also interested in the MACR No. and where did these P-47s come down.

Many thanks to Flupke for answering my latest quests.


Stephane Muret 9th December 2005 20:21

Re: P-47 losses on 3 Dec 1944 MACR
Hi Joerg,

42-28818 seems to be P-47D-28 RA, MACR 11439
44-20219 P-47D-28-RE, MACR 10970 (not sure for this one ?)

I hope this could helps.

Stéphane Muret

Flupke 10th December 2005 00:23

Re: P-47 losses on 3 Dec 1944
Hello Jorg

The pilot of the P-47D-28-RA #42-28818 36th FG 22nd FS was the 2nd Lt Conner Joseph (KIA?) no idea of the place and circumstance sorry

For the #44-20219 358th FG 367th FS it was the 2nd Lt Harris David (KIA?) hit and crashed while strafing a train in the area of Heidelberg


Joerg Dietsche 10th December 2005 19:41

Re: P-47 losses on 3 Dec 1944
Good boys,
thanks to you all Stephane and Phil.


Claiborne Stokes 11th August 2017 19:29

Re: P-47 losses on 3 Dec 1944

Hope this finds you well. (After 12 years) I see your interest in Lt. David Harris. He flew with my great uncle Lt. Jack Buchanan in the 367th and both were killed within two weeks of each other.

I recently made contact with Harris' niece.

I have Harris's IDPF and some other information. Let me know if I can be of any help to you.


Rottler 11th August 2017 20:17

Re: P-47 losses on 3 Dec 1944
Some more details:

MACR 11439
P-47 D-28-RA 42-28818
36th Fighter Group, 22nd Fighter Squadron
Departure A-89 Le Culot, Belgium
Intended destination: Randerath Dive-Bombing

Pilot: 2nd Lt Joseph Howard Conner O-831378 killed

Enemy anti-aircraft.
Crash time 0945 hrs, crash place 5 km southeast of Randerath southwest of Hückelhoven.

MACR 10970
P-47 D-28-RE
358th Fighter Group, 367th Fighter Squadron
Departure A-90 Toul-Croix near Metz
Intended destination: Area Ludwigshafen am Rhein Armed Recce

Pilot: 2nd Lt David Frease Harris O-826422 killed

Diving aircraft too low on strafing pass and failing to pull out.
Crash time 0905 hrs, crashplace 2 km south of Kirchheim station near Heidelberg.
Casualty No. J 2569.


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