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CJE 22nd March 2007 19:11

First night "kill"
Who and how got the first night "kill" (not including Zeppelins)?

Franek Grabowski 22nd March 2007 20:58

Re: First night "kill"
Sorry, I could not resist. ;)

Pilot 22nd March 2007 21:17

Re: First night "kill"
Not including Zeppelins and balloon's? There was few kills against Gotha bomber but will see who was really first... airplane against airplane :)

Nick Beale 23rd March 2007 23:31

Re: First night "kill"
You could try C. Cole and E.F. Cheeseman, "The Air Defence of Britain 1914-1918", Bodley Head, London, 1984.

It's a very interesting book, listing practically every defensive sortie, down to the pilot and aircraft serial.

CJE 24th March 2007 13:30

Re: First night "kill"
Franek: ;-))
Nick: I don't intend to buy a book just to get an answer to this small question, all the more than WWI is not my cup of tea.
Thanks anyway.

robert_schulte 24th March 2007 14:21

Re: First night "kill"
Hello all,
according to the book "Geschichte der deutschen Nachtjagd" by Gebhard Aders, the first night kill was achieved in the night 10/11. February 1917 by Leutnant Peters and Frowein in a DFW C.V, when they shot down 2 landing bombers at the airfield Malzeville.
First kill of a Zeppelin was on 8. June 1915 by Flight-Sub-Lt R.A.J. Warneford with a Morane Saulnier L, shooting down LZ 37 above Gent.
Best wishes

CJE 25th March 2007 18:45

Re: First night "kill"

Pilot 4th April 2007 23:24

Re: First night "kill"
Maybe I am little late but here it is one link:

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