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BOBC 8th January 2005 01:07

How to access threads that existed prior to the new forum ?
I see 12 oclock has changed,...gulp :o !
Please put my panicking mind at rest and confirm that what was an invaluable archive of material to the world and us Luft enthusiasts and researchers, i.e. the threads that went on page after page in the old forum , are accessible from the new forum and not lost forever. They are better than many books, an important Luft archive and truly must be saved ! The good thing about the internet is the ability to share info and communicate, the bad thing is one sees a valuable resource develop on a site then suddenly its gone forever. Copy-pasting everything incase that should ever happen is a pain !

Can one do a search (and where) on author or subject or word in a message with the new site, again an invaluable tool and par for the course. Ctrl F gave a crude search ability only on subject words before. I would like to catch up with some of my posts to see any replies and respond to them as well as find threads on my favourite subjects. How do I do this now ? I searched on my name and found nothing. I searched on Hallsville School which occurs in the thread on typical Blitz bomb load and it gave two threads, neither of which displayed that wording when using ctrl F to find where on the page it had found my searched for words. Looks like all previous threads are lost to us :cry:

The ability to post pics is great news.

Putting NOSPAM into an email address warded off spam emails, but the email address when now registering is sent an activation code, so how do cautious new members not yet receiving spam ( I know of one potential member) get round this ?

Best wishes for a better site.


P.S. need explain what poll option is please. :oops:

Ruy Horta 8th January 2005 08:51

1. There are several people doing archival work - Richard T. Eger and Leon Venter.

2. The old board had a 2000 post limit for years, since they imposed that limit, I've never saved any material other than a few post that I found interesting myself.

3. Your E-mail is safe as long as you remember this

- I personally host this board, so registration itself is never a problem
- set Profile\Preferences\Always show my e-mail address\NO
- never write your e-mail address in a post

Ruy Horta 8th January 2005 10:43

Forgot your questions on searching.

On top of the screen you'll find a number or options, one of them is Search or

As you can see for yourself these are an improvement upon the search feature of the old board.

Of course this only covers the NEW forum...

BOBC 8th January 2005 17:26

Hi Ruy,
Thanks for replying.
Would it be then that the old forums posts will in time vanish and is there a known expiry date ?
you say 1. There are several people doing archival work - Richard T. Eger and Leon Venter.
This sounds interesting and useful and I would like to know more, but is this to do with the old posts or something different. Are they taking and archiving posts worthy of saving and will this archive be accessible to us and how/where ?...sorry if I should know of this via a thread here but dont :oops:

Is there a quick method I wonder of transferring the old threads and also new forum threads onto a domestic PC for reading when time allows ? I only know of copy/paste into MSWord but on the new forum it pastes the artwork and everything, this creates a file size e.g. 1Mb for a 16 reply thread test I did, 4 times as large as the file size using Paste Special>Unformatted text, but the latter misses out the author in the left hand column.


Richard T. Eger 8th January 2005 17:56

Dear BOBC,

First, while it is your choice, use of an actual name is preferable when posting on TOCH!.

In regard to the search function, the word that you search for will be highlighted in color. Thus, if you type in Hallsville into the search engine, it will be highlighted in yellow. On my site, it is highlighted in orange, which is a far more readable color. Ruy, can you make the change?

My site is the Luftwaffe Archives Group (LWAG) website ( ). I have been transfering specific files to this site from TOCH!, with the kind permission of Ruy, since June 2000. However, the items saved are specific to the objective of the site, which is as a Luftwaffe researcher finding aid. Main categories are information on archives, useful websites, and a variety of key specific general information forums. The site does not record many detailed discussions, nor is it intended to be an archive of data. While this latter was considered as an option during the formation of the site, it would require an enormous amount of time, effort, money, and a huge server.

Leon Venter has been saving the postings of the old site since, IIRC, about 1998. Currently, his site is private, although he is considering opening it up to membership. I'm sure you'd find the threads you are searching for there.


BOBC 10th January 2005 02:09

Thats good to know about your site, I shall also approach Leon.
I might have a shot at copy pasting what remains and burning a few CDs !

of BOBC....If its ok I would prefer to remain BOBC as I have been on TOCH for these last few yrs, along with a few other 'shortnamers ' looking at the previous posts. Also I am known by this on a number of sites. I am trustworthy but the internet is a mixed bag and I dont trust it. Whilst TOCH members are a good community, one never knows who is viewing so best to remain BOBC (stands for Battle of Britain Collection) methinks for security reasons ! :wink:

Would like to know when the other forum is to close and best copy methods. Perhaps on the latter leon can advise. With his site private how does one ever find it or him ?

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