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leonventer 23rd February 2021 00:16

Luftwaffe books on eBay: Rare, Near-New & Cheap!
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Hi all,

This is just to let you know that I've listed a number of Luftwaffe books on
They're also visible on

It'll be worth your while to check them out because some are very rare, most are in near-new condition, and all of them start at just $1. See the attached photos for an overview.

Some highlights are:
  • A near-complete set (6 out of 7) of Niko Fast's volumes on Jagdgeschwader 52.
  • A sealed copy of Angolia & Schlicht's "Uniforms & Traditions of the Luftwaffe, Vol. 1"
  • A signed copy of Friedrich Lang's memoirs. He was one of the only seven Stuka pilots who received the Knight's Cross with Oakleaves and Swords.
  • George Hoch's awesome history of the Messerschmitt Bf 109's service in the Swiss Air Force.
  • Patrick Brion's illustrated history of REIMAHG, the huge underground construction facility in Thuringia that produced Me 262s in the last stages of the war.
  • Several excellent references on the Fw 190 family.
  • A couple of great resources on the Ju 88 family.
  • + many others.
Thanks for looking,
Leon Venter

Note: On, the "See other items" link in each auction works fine. Although I updated all listings to have visibility in as well, the "See other items" link doesn't seem to be working there.
Therefore, on, please do a search by seller "luftkrieg" in Advanced Search, or just use the link provided above.

leonventer 28th February 2021 00:52

Re: Luftwaffe books on eBay: Rare, Near-New & Cheap!
Hi all,

Just a reminder that the eBay auctions for these books end tomorrow.

Interesting tidbit: Much of the valuable reference data in Volume IV of Niko Fast's series on JG 52 was provided by our own Matti Salonen!

(The book was published in 1990, so it's a testament to how long Matti has been generously contributing to various books and research projects, including those by Hannu Valtonen, Christer Bergström, Andrew Arthy and Morten Jessen, Nick Beale, Jean-Louise Roba, Melvin Brownless, Dan Zamansky, etc.)

Leon Venter

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