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Seeker 27th April 2010 14:29

Air route of USAAF Bomber "Operation Gomorrah"
Hello everybody.

I'm searching for the air routes of two USAAF operations on 25th/26th of July 1943.
They were flown in the course of the Hamburg bombing "Operation Gomorrah".
Both were daylight attacks.

The first one was on afternoon of 25th of July.It consisted of ca. 90-110 bombers.Following bomb groups participated: 91st,351st,381st,303rd,379th,384th

The second one took place on midday of 26th of July. It consisted of ca. 71 bombers.

Can someone give information or provide a map about this two attacks.It would be very interesting to know which route the planes took to the target and also from it away.

Many regards.

shooshoobaby 20th May 2010 19:15

Re: Air route of USAAF Bomber "Operation Gomorrah"
Seeker -
This is from a Mission Report and Mission Route
in Book: Shades of Kimbolton 379th BG.
July 25th , 1943 Mission.
1st AD Groups formed up over The Wash in England.
They flew NE to a Point over North Sea. Turned
SE and passed just NE of Heligoland - coming under
constant LW Fighter attacks. They crossed the German
Coast at Cuxhaven and continued to a Point SW of
Hamburg , Rosengarten. Turned NE and Bombed Hamburg.
Lead Navigator noted Target obscured by Smoke and
Bombed using Checkpoints.
Formation proceeded NE and then turned NW , Bad Odesloe.
They Crossed the Kiel Canal and over Welt , Eiderstedt turned
West to a Point over North Sea , then SW to England.
I used a New Map of Gemany to help pinpoint locations from
Mission Map.

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