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Bruce Dennis 23rd July 2009 23:50

Copying, Research at The National Archives (UK)
In response to the changes taking place at The National Archives in the UK, I have introduced a file copying and research service. The name is FilePhotoServices and prices are considerably cheaper than TNA inhouse charges. Most orders are turned around in one to two weeks.

If any forum members want to get digital copies of files such as ORBs, I can copy the dates you specify and send you the images on CD. The same applies to any file you are interested in, such as ULTRA records, German POW interrogations, Air Intelligence Summaries, or any subject you specify. Samples are on display in the website, at…

I also carry out research for an hourly rate, details are in the HOW IT WORKS page of the website. You can contact me with the Email Form in the website, or Twelve O’clock High members can contact me via PM through the forum. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

If you are familiar with the online catalogue for TNA, then you know there are over 8 million files. If you haven’t looked at it, it is quite easy to learn, and the link is here…

Let me know if I can help, and thanks to Ruy for allowing this post.

Bruce Dennis

Bruce Dennis 30th November 2011 15:49

Re: Copying, Research at The National Archives (UK)
Hello all,
I have updated the FilePhotoService website to reflect the lessons learned over the last couple of years. The increase in rates is long overdue but still considerably less than inhouse TNA rates. TOCH Forum members who contact me via PM will get a lower rate on all copying requests over 200 pages. The intention is still to help forum members with research.

It is worth pointing out that a large number of digitised files at TNA can now be downloaded from their website free of charge. It is tricky to make general sweeping statements about the pricing structure at TNA for their digitised download service but If you want some of the chargeable files, FiePhotoService can copy them cheaper than the TNA fees in most cases.

Thanks again for the great TOCH website!


Bruce Dennis 30th August 2018 16:15

Re: Copying, Research at The National Archives (UK)
FilePhotoService will continue as a research service but I regret that there will be no further file copying.
As an alternative source of copying at TNA I suggest you contact an independent operator at Kew named Lee Richards (usual disclaimer, no financial link). He has an excellent reputation and I do not hesitate in recommending you contact him. He has years of experience and very competitive rates.
His website:

I started FilePhotoService to help the members of RAFCommands and TOCH get information from Kew economically. It has been useful to a number of members over the years and has certainly taken me in unexpected directions, which is no bad thing for anyone doing research. My decision to stop copying is for personal reasons and I will concentrate on research commissions and my own, nearly forgotten, book project.

Thanks to all the members of TOCH for your past support of FilePhotoService and I will continue as a researcher.

Best regards,
Bruce Dennis

Kaczmarek 31st August 2018 17:35

Re: Copying, Research at The National Archives (UK)
Hi Bruce,

many thanks for your friendly support in the past.

All the best, René

Bruce Dennis 2nd September 2018 12:18

Re: Copying, Research at The National Archives (UK)
Thank you, René. It has been a pleasure, and now I am looking forward to spending more time on research..

Best regards,

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