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alex crawford 6th January 2021 23:12

Brigand T4/T5

The Brigand T4/T5 were fitted with AI radars and used to train radar operators at 228 and 238 OCUs during the earl 50's.

Would anyone know if these were constructed to an Air Ministry Specification? I have checked the Putnams Bristol Aircraft since 1910 book but there is no information on this. I assume all aircraft were built to a AM Specification.

Any help appreciated.


Graham Boak 7th January 2021 11:54

Re: Brigand T4/T5
I think you should be looking for an OR, Operational Requirement, rather than a Specification.

There is an Air Britain book that deals with such things, which I'm sure I've got but it appears to have been a victim of the recent re-organisation of the hobby room and I'll have to wait until it resurfaces again. (I'm still missing four models...) Possibly it will have been too late for the book: in which case it will have been covered in a series of more recent (but now unclassified) ORs running in Militaria (as was).

Sorry I can't be more helpful at the moment.

Stig Jarlevik 8th January 2021 21:46

Re: Brigand T4/T5
Tricky question Alex

It is not mentioned in the book given by Graham.
Neither is it mentioned in any articles I have on the type.

Logically it should have been given some extra attention by the AM, but perhaps they didn't assign such things to "smaller alterations"?

The initial OR for the Brigand is of course covered in the book, but it makes no specific mention of the radar as such

All other OR post the book are given in article forms in Air Britain's Aeromilitaria, but mine are terribly unsorted and it would take me ages to go through them.....


alex crawford 8th January 2021 23:18

Re: Brigand T4/T5
Thank you Graham and Stig,

I'll keep digging. I would have thought there would be some sort of Air Ministry request for these conversions. Likewise there musty be something similar for the Brigand Meteorological version the Met.3.

I wonder if BAE hold any Bristol records in their archives?

Graham Boak 11th January 2021 18:07

Re: Brigand T4/T5
Try the Filton Air Museum (or whatever it is called). I suspect they will have the Bristol archives. This seems to be the way that BAES are offloading their historical documentation.

alex crawford 11th January 2021 21:49

Re: Brigand T4/T5
Thank you Graham, I'll give them a try.

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