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Lagarto 20th April 2005 00:14

WWII USAAF statistical digest
Army Air Forces Statistical Digest - WWII

Lots and lots of material for researchers, some figures pretty puzzling

Check out Table 159 in section "Operations". Did USAAF really lose one fighter in ETO due to ground fire in 1943?! As opposed to 1.611 in 1944!
If it's November then I guess they refer to Lt. Col. McCollom, CO of 353 FG, knocked down by Flak over St. Omer-Fort Rouge on 25th November, during the first P-47 fighter-bomber raid in theater.

And here, another great find:
USAAF bases in UK and Europe - all of them!

Lagarto 20th April 2005 22:30

Re: WWII USAAF statistical digest
Thank you for making it sticky :)
If anyone's interested in more details about USAAF losses, here's an excellent MACR (Missing Air Crew Reports) Database and search engine (the material is extracted from National Archives microfilm):

Missing Air Crew Report Database

Check out the losses of the 9th AF's Thunderbolt units shortly after the D-Day - hairy! The 362nd FG lost 17 pilots in 10 days (btwn 06/07/44 and 06/17/44)!

Ruy Horta 20th April 2005 22:45

Re: WWII USAAF statistical digest
You are welcome!

Thank you for both links, they will help many.

If only someone could offer a complete download I'd be very grateful...


shooshoobaby 31st December 2005 19:55

Re: WWII USAAF statistical digest
Legarto - Do you have complete web address for MACR database?

drgondog 8th January 2006 22:34

Re: WWII USAAF statistical digest
The 355FG/358FS lost two ships and pilots to low altitude flak near St. Omer on 30 December, 1943..first of 93 total lost by 355th FG during the war to 20mm flak while strafing - while destroying some 500+ and damaging another 1000 on the ground.

355thFG had the highest losses to flak of any 8th AF fighter group. is website for MACR referenced above.

Luc Vervoort 9th January 2006 16:53

Macr list
Hi !

For those interested in the macr-list (in xls format), please contact me via pm.

Best regards


drgondog 12th June 2008 16:50

Re: WWII USAAF statistical digest now has most of the macrs on-line

Larry deZeng 15th December 2009 18:15

Re: WWII USAAF statistical digest
The two site links in Post #1 from Jan 2005 no longer work. Both generate "This Page Cannot Be Found" notifications when clicked.


Laurent Rizzotti 15th December 2009 19:34

Re: WWII USAAF statistical digest
Hi Larry,

I think this link is the same:

Frank Olynyk 5th January 2019 12:08

Re: WWII USAAF statistical digest
The USAAF Statistical Digest for 1945 is available from DTIC as a free PDF. It can be found here: file:///C:/020%20Gig/DOWNLOADS/USAAF%20Statistical%20Digest%201945/a542518.pdf as document A542518.



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