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Boomerang 13th June 2006 12:50

Colour of Fallschirmjager parachutes
I am seeking information about the use by the Fallschirmjager of colour coded parachutes to designate supply drop containers delivering different types of materiel. My current understanding is that coloured parachutes were used this way in the Crete operation.

Any information to confirm this, and about what colours were used would be very helpful for a modelling project.

Thank you


George Harper 14th June 2006 05:30

Re: Colour of Fallschirmjager parachutes

The Fallschirmtruppe at first used white chutes and later used camo ones (green, red-brown & tan). Both were used on Kreta although the majority were by far white.

I too have read many accounts from the Allied side saying the chutes on the supply canisters were colour coded but I am not aware of German accounts mentioning this. Certainly the canisters themselves were marked to indicate contents and the unit it belonged to.

I should say I am not an expert on German parachutes. You might try posing your question on the following forum where a few 'experts' hang out.

Go to the site and then proceed to the Fallschirmjäger forum.



wotan 14th June 2006 07:04

Re: Colour of Fallschirmjager parachutes
Over at AHF Moderator 'Peter H' of the Luftwaffe section of that forum made this reply:


German parachutes used at Crete in 1941 by fighting personnel were either in cammo or white silk.Photos of the drop show a mix of white and cammo parachutes.Officers at Crete were said to be issued with white parachutes to act as a rallying point.The RZ16 parachute was still the basis for the force but some sources suggest the new RZ20 was used by some paras as well.The RZ20 subsequently used until 1943 were purely made in cammo.

Food and supply canisters had white parachutes,medical supplies had yellow chutes,weapons and ammo,green parachutes.
See this thread

Boomerang 14th June 2006 14:52

Re: Colour of Fallschirmjager parachutes

Thank you so much for your very helpful replies - much appreciated.



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