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vathra 31st July 2015 10:38

AFHRA rolls with 15th AAF Escape statements

I am doing research on rescued American airmen from Yugoslavia during ww2.
Main source for this are Escape statements. Unfortunately, for 15th AAF they are scattered across some 50 rolls, and not available online (statements for 8th AAF are online).

At first I have ordered 7 rolls from AFHRA, A6544, A6544A to F, but they contain only some 2/3 of 15th escape statements. Remaining statements are on separate bomb group rolls, from which I found more.
Ordering those rolls is, besides cost, a little gamble, because content is poorly described. Also it can take time, and Escape statements are only a part of roll content.

I am interested in following rolls:
B0037 (14fg)
B0079 (1fg)
B0198 (98bg)
B0209 (391bg)
B0601 (454bg)
B0603 (455bg)
B0604 (456bg)
B0607 (459bg)
B0613 (463bg)
B0615 (464bg)
B0617 (465bg)
B0642 (483bg)
B0643 (484bg)
B0644 (485bg)

In return, I can offer material that I have (complete rolls, individual statements, etc).
For majority of statements I made catalog, and I can quickly find statements (especially for those in Yugoslavia).
I can also offer some help to other researchers. IE, Escape statements usually contain description of last flight and cause and place of crash.

If you have some of this material, please contact me on PM.

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