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Luc Vervoort 10th July 2019 18:28

Franz Dörr JG5

The excellent Career Summaries – Luftwaffe Officers 1935 – 1945 Section A – F by Henry L.deZeng IV and Douglas G.Stankey (version 01.04.2019) mentions that Franz Dörr (DOB: 10.02.13 in Mannheim) was during 1939-1940 Aufklärungsflieger and that he was transferred to 1.(Eins.)/Erg.Gr./JG3 c.04.41 and later to JG5. He was credited with 437 combat missions and 128 air victories.

Was he the observer of the Hs126 of 2.(H)/23 which crashed on 14/05/1940 near Jehonville, Belgium ?

Thanks in advance !


ouidjat 10th July 2019 19:37

Re: Franz Dörr JG5
Salut Luc,

It seems yes but only have Uffz. Dörr, without first name.

Luc Vervoort 11th July 2019 09:44

Re: Franz Dörr JG5
Hi Franck,

Thanks for the reply.

The Battle of France, then and now, by Peter D. Cornwell, mentions on page 277 : Uffz F.Dörr reportedly slightly wounded, pilot unhurt.

Best regards


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