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Nick Beale 28th October 2005 14:05

Re: Errata on Bodenplatte

Originally Posted by John Manrho
I also think Errata sheets should be done more often. We also see Nick Beale doing it on his site.

Possibly because I make more mistakes than other authors!

SES 28th October 2005 14:16

Re: Errata on Bodenplatte
Hi Nick,
I believe in "good enough within a reasonable time" rather than "perfect in a millenium" and in this line of research it is astounding what kind of new material suddenly surfaces.
PS Did you have time to look at my Radar-Train in Southern France?

John Manrho 28th October 2005 23:42

Re: Timing
Hello SES, I think there is a balance between timing and accuracy for every book. Take Bodenplatte. Several books (Start im M., Battle for the A/F, Prien series) already published a lot about it. So if you decide to make a new one it should be very thorough and therefore time consuming.

The same goes for if you want to write book about a very specific detailed subject, like "KG 40 operations from Bordeaux-Merignac", then you should be very thorough. If you have a more broader subject, say "Air War over France", then it's another matter.



mganzer 7th August 2006 01:45

Re: Errata on Bodenplatte
I was lucky enough to pick up a copy of the book at the Smithsonian Air & Space museum in Washington DC. Excellent work and thanks for the errata/updates.

Kurtl12 8th January 2007 22:33

Re: Timing
Hello John,

Do you have any information about 8./Schlachtgeschwader 10 in your book "Bodenplatte"? Reason for my interest is because I'm doing some reseach about Oberfähnrich Erwin GUTZMANN who was shot down on April 10th, 1945 at Mechters in Lower Austria. He got the Knight's Cross and had over 600 flights against enemy. There are several stories about what actual happend to him the day he crashed. One is that he was shot down by russian fighters. Others tell that it was the own german flak. He died at the crashplace.
Maybe you have further details about him/his unit. Somebody from this forum told me there is a picture in your book on page 46 about Hans Stollnberger, the Staffelkapitän of 8./SG 10. I do not want to by that book just because of this picture.



John Manrho 8th January 2007 23:33

Re: Errata on Bodenplatte
There is no information on 8./SG 10 in my book, only the picture of Hptm. Stollnberger. The information on Ofhr. Gutzmann listed in Obermaier's Ritterkreuzträger is the only info I know.



Henk Welting 15th February 2007 12:55

Re: Errata on Bodenplatte
attn John Manrho,
I've your book Bodenplatte. Now I tried to print the errata (as mentioned in the SGLO Bulletin # 283/20) but the thread is "closed".
Please advise.
My e-mail-address is in the "Handboek SGLO".
Henk Welting

Ruy Horta 15th February 2007 20:06

Re: Errata on Bodenplatte

That was "mijn fout".

A little while ago I cleaned up all attachments older than 180 days, because of some technical issues, unfortunately I didn't realize that this included some of the "mainstay" of our files.

The file has been uploaded from a back up, you'll find it attached to the original post.

Henk Welting 16th February 2007 11:21

Re: Errata on Bodenplatte
Thanks Ruy, "everything in the picture". Keep on the good work on this excellent website and let's hope that you don't get same problems as Ross McNeill had recently with his - also excellent - RAF Commands board.

Nick Beale 13th November 2007 00:17

Re: Errata on Bodenplatte
1 Attachment(s)
John, here's another III./JG 54 casualty: Fw 190 D-9 Werk Nummer 210046, gelbe 3, force-landed south of Amsterdam. Pilot, Uffz. Fenzel.

A copy of the deciphered signal is attached (from National Archives HW5/645).

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