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Vinman 6th June 2008 00:13

Air battle over Russian skies
Can anyone shed some light on an air battle that took place on March 17, 1942, over the Luskutowa or Luskutova/ Lokotova aerodrome, between the Red Air force I-16 type 18 and a joint Luftwaffe/Regia Aeronautica fighter group made up of the I./JG 77 (ME109) and 22 Gr. (MC200).
It seems that in the ensuing battle, the combined LUF/RA fighters shot down 14 Russian planes and destroyed 10 on the ground, suffering no losses.

Folgore 12th September 2008 17:19

Re: Air battle over Russian skies
I JG77 registered just one claim on 17th March 1942. An I16 by Oblt Clausen in a Bf109E7. Two 109E7s were damaged but returned to base.
Gruppo 22 claimed 14 fighters and several bombers during its entire stay in Russia. They claimed 10 I16s destroyed that day probably on the ground. That leaves 13 unaccounted for. There were no losses to the Italians.
The I16s may have been type 18 and 24 as there is mention of rata and superrata being present.
Ali Sulla steppa by Nicola Malizia
JG77 vol 2 by Jochen Prien
Quelli del Gatto Nero by Nicola Malizia

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