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Melvin Brownless 10th January 2016 18:09

A Long Shot but....
Can anyone identify this UK crash site???

Found this pic on the net, but no further details unfortunately.

Can anyone help?



Icare9 12th January 2016 18:19

Re: A Long Shot but....
Well, not much wreckage, so part of a fighter?
Not much impact damage or burning so perhaps broke up in flight or flung from initial impact site?
Looks to be a camera left of centre just below chap with steel helmet with chap with forage cap behind. Policeman looks very casually dressed, no tie.

Needs a uniform expert to comment on gas mask bags, equipment, rifles (so presumably not early War when HG had shortage of weaponry).

Has the large tree in the background been struck by the aircraft?

Sorry, not much help, what do the other 6 photos contain - anything more helpful?

Clint Mitchell 12th January 2016 18:39

Re: A Long Shot but....
Melvin, It's a Bf110 wreck.

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