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jad 17th February 2005 23:30

Luftwaffe camouflage and markings is out
According Ian Allan Publishing website

Sergio Luis dos Santos 18th February 2005 15:09

They got the color ships few time ago so no more excuses for the long delay. From what I know the color ships were the "guitly" for the latest delays.

Ruy Horta 19th February 2005 10:16

The color chips were only in a couple of weeks ago, if they need to be glued in, I'd rather have them do a good job of it. Looking forward to the end result.

Sergio Luis dos Santos 21st February 2005 12:54

The color chips are not glued on the book, they comes in a booklet like format as the one issued by Eagle.
You can check them on Ian Allan page. Browsing on upcoming releases (or anything like) there is a image from the book plus the color charts.

Ruy Horta 25th February 2005 21:50

Looks like is near to release...

Feels like Christmas!!!


John P Cooper 1st March 2005 08:06

Nice discount for US buyers @ Amazon! (pre-order)

ianstewarts 1st March 2005 14:08

Just phoned Midland Counties.....
My copy has been sent.The lady says the first batch was posted on Friday,that means it should be landing at peoples doors anytime soon!
Lets hope it lives up to the hype.... and that Volume 2 doesn't take as long! :D

Ruy Horta 1st March 2005 17:14

Seen the following message:

Dispatching Soon
We are preparing these items for dispatch and this part of your order cannot be cancelled or changed.

Music in my ears 8)

The ANR book must be imminent as well, lets not forget that beauty!


ianstewarts 1st March 2005 18:34

What book is ANR ?

Ruy Horta 1st March 2005 18:40


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