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Andrew Arthy 3rd February 2020 15:24

Interview with Larry deZeng

We are pleased to be able to share the first in a series of Air War Publications interviews with Luftwaffe and aviation researchers, historians, artists and authors. Our first subject is Larry deZeng, and his interview can be found at this link. More of these interviews will appear later in 2020, and we hope you enjoy the first of them.

Andrew, Adam & Morten
Air War Publications -

Snautzer 3rd February 2020 15:58

Re: Interview with Larry deZeng
Thank you. Interesting read.

edwest2 3rd February 2020 20:12

Re: Interview with Larry deZeng
Thank you gents. Well done. I must agree that the internet has helped and hindered Luftwaffe research. I look at other sites from time to time and see plenty of false, unverified, undocumented and outlandish claims.

In the meantime, in order to keep the various efforts alive into the future, there should be a way to get new blood into this. I mean, the abbreviations alone are a bit off-putting for the novice. And looking at it from a an editor's/writer's point of view, a popular, highly illustrated introduction to the subject for the general public should exist.


leonventer 4th February 2020 06:21

Re: Interview with Larry deZeng
Great idea, chaps! Thanks for sharing this.

Larry's interview made for a very interesting and inspirational read. Looking forward to many more!

Leon Venter

Bertrand H 4th February 2020 14:38

Re: Interview with Larry deZeng
Very good idea Andrew. Interesting


Leo Etgen 9th February 2020 02:40

Interview with Larry deZeng
Hi guys

It's great to match a name with a face and life story... Many thanks to Larry for his selfless contributions to Luftwaffe research that have been of such benefit to so many of us.



Edward 20th February 2020 18:28

Re: Interview with Larry deZeng
We need more interviews like this. Great work.

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