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Edward L. Hsiao 22nd February 2020 07:27

German Advisers To Argentina's Air Force
I know that Werner Baumbach,Adolf Galland,and Hans-Ulrich Rudel all became well known in shaping up Argentina's Air Force after WWII. The question is,can you think of other names of lesser known ex-Luftwaffe pilots that went to Argentina to become advisers with her Air Force? I'm sure that all these German advisors were decorated and paid by Argentina's Government. Any other names?

Edward L. Hsiao

Edward L. Hsiao 24th February 2020 10:28

Re: German Advisers To Argentina's Air Force
Is there a website story about the WWII Luftwaffe pilot veterans that had gone to Argentina to help up build up her own air force? There had to be many WWII German military men which they were unknown to most people to help out build up Argentina's military force. The army,air force,and the navy. I need help in this matter to find out the story please.

Edward L. Hsiao

RSwank 17th March 2020 19:51

Re: German Advisers To Argentina's Air Force
An article here on Kurt Tank:

The CIA had an interest and there are some references to some individuals if you look though the 4 page results of this search (Argentina and Luftwaffe). Not all hits are relevant. There may be some better search terms to use:

Here are the results when for searching for Rudel Luftwaffe

Note how the results on Rudel seem to be broken into a series of pdf pages. For example, the 3rd item listed ends in 0005:
Note both General Galland and Oberst Baumbach are mentioned, Baumbach is probably this man:

Just for fun, I changed the 0005 to 0004 and you get another piece:
and a mention of "Willy" Tank.

Britace 17th March 2020 23:18

Re: German Advisers To Argentina's Air Force
Just a related story. When working in Argentina in the 80ís, I came across a small provincial antique store in the outskirts of BA. In a box of odd bits was a Luftwaffe Generalís peaked cap cockade- which I purchased and still have... Kurt Tank, Rudel? Likely none of the above, and absolutely no provenance. But I like the thought of it...

edwest2 19th March 2020 03:20

Re: German Advisers To Argentina's Air Force
There was Reimar Horten who produced various designs. He also proposed a supersonic cruise missile in 1960. The OSS, reconstituted as the CIA post-war, was aware of the number of German technical personnel arriving in Argentina. The FBI had been there as well operating under the little known Special Intelligence Service. You may wish to look up declassified information from the FBI focusing on the period 1945 to 1950. The French aircraft designer Dewoitine was also there. He proposed the D.720 (1947), but it was not accepted.

RSwank 17th May 2020 22:11

Re: German Advisers To Argentina's Air Force
Video about Kurt Tank's Pulqui II.

Video about Hans Rudel.

Steve Coates 18th May 2020 15:25

Re: German Advisers To Argentina's Air Force
Paul Klages - AGO - Focke Achgelis - Focke-Wulf - worked in Argentina from 1947 - 1955 and was heavily involved in the development of the IA 35 before moving to Spain to work on the HA 200 in 1955.

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