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Adam 11th December 2006 01:39

I./ZG 76 operations, 6.12.39

I'm trying to find what operations were carried out by I./ZG 76 on 6.12.39. In info on operational flights, crews or aircraft from I./ZG 76 on operations that day would be much appreciated.



Chris Goss 11th December 2006 09:17

Re: I./ZG 76 operations, 6.12.39
Logbook entries I have show nothing

Adam 11th December 2006 09:24

Re: I./ZG 76 operations, 6.12.39
Hi Chris,

I know at least one ZG 26 Bf 110 was operating during the day off the Fresian Is, though this belonged to ZG 26.

I'm trying to cross-reference an attack by Bf 110s on a Do 18 of 2./906. The report by the seeflieger observer notes that at least two Bf 110s attacked the flying boat and the Staffel letter was clearly visible as red (unfortunately, letter stated).

Chris Shores has the attack being the fault of ZG 76, though the seeflieger report nor 2./906 KTB does not specify a particular unit.

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