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Jon 24th June 2005 19:56

Battle of Britain named Schwimmvest
I own a Battle of Britain Schwimmvest taken from Lt Achleitner of JG3 on 24th August 1940 after he had been shot down into the sea off Herne Bay.
I have many other details about him to add to the story of the vest.

My question is this:

I have to renew my house insurance very soon and list all items over 1000 with the approximate value of each item.
I know a Battle of Britain named Schwimmvest with known history is a rare beast but what would all you collectors out there put as a resonable value.

I should add it is never for sale !

edwest 24th June 2005 20:14

Re: Battle of Britain named Schwimmvest
Perhaps this museum can help.


Laurent Rizzotti 24th June 2005 20:15

Re: Battle of Britain named Schwimmvest
As you don't want to sell it, and you can't but another one, it is priceless.

The only clue will be to check e-bay to see if something approaching has been bought and to fix the same price.

Spanferkel 24th June 2005 21:59

Re: Battle of Britain named Schwimmvest
Hi Jon,

Click on the link below and scroll down to the Wehrmacht equipment forum. This web site is a colllectors forum which deals with everything from Knights Crosses to toilet paper and is primarily haunted by collectors. Most individuals on the forum will be very glad to help you with a value as they have most likely encountered this type of flyers item in the past, know values and can extrapilate sp? additional cost based on the specifics you have. If you have scans to show so much the better and if you need to post them let me know as I am a member.

In addition their is a topic called organization/order of batttle...I believe, which deals with inquires on specific individuals, of course some may turn up on this site as well.



mikeshilton 26th June 2005 20:08

Re: Battle of Britain named Schwimmvest
Hi John,I would be inclined to insure it for between 1500 and 2500,I collect Luftwaffe flying clothing and equipment,although my interest is mid to late war,I have seen these early items go for quite high prices.If it were on say E-bay,it may go for 1000,but if two or more collectors are after the same item it could go for considerably more.
Best thing to do is do a search for Battle of Britain Schwimvest and see what comes up,a dealer may have one in stock that could give you a guide price,Regards,Mike.

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