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FS: trophy German book from Russia
Hi all!

I offer an original old German book. "Fliegt mit!"
German book from 1942! Russsian trophy!
Munchen Edition, 1941, hard cover, size 15x23 cm, 248 pages with illustrations. Price US$49.00 including shipping via air registered mail.

I offer Russian aviation literature - full list in English include 461 items! I offer also arcive photos, model kits and accessoires from Russia.

I offer also archive b&w photos with old original negatives: aircraft, gliders, helicopters of the Russian and Soviet aviation 1910-1977, also lend-lease aircraft, German and Italian aircraft in the USSR, German aircraft at the Eastern front etc. For each photo I have information: data and place. Perhaps some pictures will be interesting for you and your friends - let me know. I offer photo in JPEG or TIFF, 300-600 dpi, vol.1-5 MB. Price one photo is US$7.00 If you wish, I can send you photos for preview.
Payment via PayPal to my Canadian friend.

To get detailed information write please to me:

Best regards
Viktor Kulikov

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