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Witold K. 17th May 2020 17:49

Führer der Jagdkräfte
Good afternoon
On 01.09.1941 I./JG1 was created from a unit/organisation Führer der Jagdkräfte. Can anybody explain what was that?
B rgds Witold

TigerTimon 17th May 2020 23:31

Re: Führer der Jagdkräfte
from the book 'Vliegvelden in Oorlogstijd':

In November 1940, the former Kommandeur of the III./JG 2, Major Dr. Erich Mix, came to Amsterdam to perform the function of Nachtjagdführer Holland at the Nachtjagd-Division. On 21 November he was also appointed as Führer der Jagdkräfte Holland. He worked from a terraced house on the Reigerstraat in Badhoevedorp (note: located in Noord-Holland province, neighbouring Schiphol). Mix as well as his right hand Oberleutnant Horst Krüger, flew, if it came out of the blue, also operations himself. Mix's territory was limited to the Dutch coastal area and the North Sea, where convoys in particular asked for protection. At the end of 1940 however, a new I. Gruppe was formed within the JG 1, which would eventually be led by Mix. The autonomous Jagdstaffel Holland transformed in December 1940 to the 1. Staffel of this Gruppe. On September 1, 1941 Mix became Gruppenkommandeur of the I./JG 1.

Kind regards,


Rottler 18th May 2020 20:24

Re: Führer der Jagdkräfte
Hello Witold,

to the origin of I./JG 1 see JFV Vol. 5:
1./JG 1 formed from "verstärkte Jagdstaffel Holland" on 7 Dec 1940
3./JG 1 formed from "Ergänzungsstaffel JG 52" on 1 March 1941
2./JG 1 renamed "Tagjagdstaffel Münster-Loddenheide" on 5 July 1941.
There was no Gruppenstab (Stab I./JG 1), the three Staffeln were led by the organisation "Führer der Jagdkräfte".
On 1 September 1941 the Stab I./JG 1 was formed from parts of the "Führer der Jagdkräfte", Gruppenkommandeur was Major Dr. Erich Mix.


Witold K. 20th May 2020 10:36

Re: Führer der Jagdkräfte
Thank You Gentlemen for those explanations. Seems that noboty in Luftwaffe Personnel Dep. had any idea what to do with Mix after removal from his prev. position.
Ones again thanks

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