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Carsten Petersen 21st May 2020 12:57

Willi Elstermann
Can anybody help me with a photo of Hauptmann Willi Elstermann from II./NJG 3 ?

ghostwriter 21st May 2020 19:23

Re: Willi Elstermann
hello carsten,

wasn't hauptmann willi elstermann in jg 6?


Carsten Petersen 21st May 2020 20:00

Re: Willi Elstermann
Yes, after NJG 3

John Manrho 22nd May 2020 19:11

Re: Willi Elstermann
Between II./NJG 3 and II./JG 6 Hptm. Elstermann was with Stab 2. Jagddivision in Stade. he was Ia with Obstlt. Lent.


Theo Boiten 22nd May 2020 19:39

Re: Willi Elstermann
Hello all,

.. is it correct then that he also served a stint with Stab II./ZG26 after his service with Stab 2. Jagddivision and before he joined JG6?

Cheers, Theo

John Manrho 22nd May 2020 19:57

Re: Willi Elstermann
Correct. The first date I have him with II./ZG 26 as Gr.Kdr. is July 11th, 1944. Hptm. GŁnther Weyl was Gr.Kdr. II./ZG 26 until July 6th 1944, so Hptm. Elstermann replaced him. Could be that he was already there in the beginning of July, but the first confirmed date (from documents) is July 11th. When II./ZG 26 became II./JG 6 on August 4th 1944, Hptm. Elstermann became Gr. Kdr. II./JG 6.

Carsten Petersen 22nd May 2020 21:32

Re: Willi Elstermann
And what did he look like ??

Theo Boiten 22nd May 2020 23:20

Re: Willi Elstermann
Thanks for confirming this John. And @ Carsten: I haven't got a clue what Elstermann looked like, I've no photo of him ..

Cheers, Theo

John Manrho 23rd May 2020 11:41

Re: Willi Elstermann
I have a picture of him but would like to keep that for my JG 6 publication in the future.

Carsten Petersen 23rd May 2020 19:00

Re: Willi Elstermann
I fully understand, John. I guess that I will make the 2200 km drive to Freiburg and check his personel file. I will send you a copy of the file when I am coming home

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