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Ruy Horta 9th February 2005 12:21

Camouflage and Markings of the ANR
Any news on the publication of the much expected book (at least much expected by myself :D )?

Camouflage and Markings of the Aeronautica Nazionale Republiccana, 1943-1945: A Photographic Analysis Through Speculation and Research

Ferdinando D'Amico & Gabriele Valentini

Hardcover 224 pages
Publisher: Classic Publications
ISBN: 1903223296

Originally it was to be a summer 2004 release (I've pre-ordered this title even sooner), but there has been little or nothing in terms of information since then.

Anyone able to shed some light on the subject?

...pretty please?

Franek Grabowski 9th February 2005 12:52

Should not it be published in the reviews section?
Seriously, I think we can discuss book matters here and only when the discussion dies, have it transferred to the reviews forum. Do not you think so?

Primoz 9th February 2005 13:10

Preussisches Bücherkabinett hat it listed in its catalog with the following information: "Der Erscheinungstermin ist voraussichtlich am 31.08.2005. Vorbestellungen werden entgegengenommen".
I hope it helps.

Ruy Horta 9th February 2005 16:59

August 2005, that's a full year's delay...ouch!

This can hardly be considered a review, but it is an on topic question.

Sure, a hot review can be posted here and transferred at a later date.

veltro 10th February 2005 20:06

Sorry for the delay in replying... I've seen the thread only now.

The last set of corrected proofs was sent to the publisher by mid-December and the book is now in the printing phase... could be out in weeks or even days, my knowledge stops here (and you all should know that the authors don't usually receive many updates in this phase...).

At any rate, I can safely and completely discard the dates reported by the"Preussisches Bücherkabinett" as being totally incorrect.

Believe me, I would love to see it printed much more than you. At the moment I can only wait a bit more and hope that, when it will be out, it will live up at least to 50% of the expectations... :wink:

Thanks for your interest.

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