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keith A 29th December 2019 16:44

Ken Charney - post war
I know that there was an article written by Claudio Renier some time back. In it there's a photo of a pilot in a Hawker Hunter. I assume it's Charney but can't get a good enough resolution. I also assume it may be linked to his time with the Saudi Air Force?

Does anyone have more information?



RSwank 31st December 2019 00:21

Re: Ken Charney - post war
There is a story here on Charney that includes a photo of him climbing out of what they identify as a Meteor. I "think" the plane may be a Hawker Hunter. Is it possibly the same photo you saw?

Chris Goss 31st December 2019 08:42

Re: Ken Charney - post war
It is a Hunter in that photo but the badge on the nose is RAF not Saudi

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