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GrahamB 9th December 2006 23:31

more 'errata' to consider, Vol.2
A few more errata to consider, although some borderline on being poor interpretations (which is an could form an entirely different, and probably highly provocative -to some- post):

page 234. these are early DB-engined B-series He 111s, with partly covered exhausts, shallow radiator bath and supplementary underwing radiators NOT Jumo-engined He 111 E.

page 280 'white 10' is mottled also with 70 and 02 - quite obvious in the photograph and conforming to regulation (strangely ignored in the 2 volumes).

page 321 upper- a DB-engined early series He 111, probably an He 111 J (if straight-winged) - NOT an He 111 P

page 321 mid - exhibits a banded form of 61/62/63 camouflage quite distinct from the earlier 'splinter' form of the B-J series. Also present on the Rumanian He 111s

page 345 - these aircraft have the sandgelb/braun painted in patches OVER the darker base colour/s - a common mistinterpratation.

page 360 - Caproni Ca133 not an Avia F39 - see previous post.

page 363 BB+RY must be photographed in May 1945? - not May 1940?
A remarkable pre-war survivor that has the later de-icing form of engine exhausts (from about late 1940 early 1941).

page 373 lower caption should read " In more usual company trim are the Ju52s (not Ju86s) behind the Douglas..."

page 437 this is an early DB-engined/early wing series He 111 with supplementary underwing radiator - probably a B-1.

I hope these may be considered.



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