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keith A 19th November 2006 15:56

Ken Charney
Born in Argentina? I am looking for details of his life before WW2. Also did she quality from 53 OTU?

Fairlop 19th November 2006 16:48

Re: Ken Charney
Hi Keith,

Yes, Charney was born in Buenos Aires.


Bertrand H 19th November 2006 20:30

Re: Ken Charney

not OTU53 but OTU58 (2/42), again OTU58 (6/43), OTU57 (12/44), OTU41 (2/45)


Bertrand H

keith A 2nd December 2006 17:15

Re: Ken Charney
Thanks guys,

I wondered where he went after he returned from Malta in November 1942. Just for info but it appears his claim for a Me109 on 6 July was upgraded to "destroyed" according to Cull, and the 185 war diary. That'd make it 7 victories for him in WW2.

Any one know where he was educated?

Frank Olynyk 2nd December 2006 17:25

Re: Ken Charney
I have his date of death as June 3, 1982, but not his place of death. Can anyone supply it?


Fairlop 3rd December 2006 12:29

Re: Ken Charney

According to Shores, he attended Aldenham School, Elstree, Hertfordshire, from 1934-36.


Sid Guttridge 16th March 2007 12:24

Re: Ken Charney
Hi Guys,

I suspect the answer to this is to be found in the well produced and illustrated book "Alas de Trueno" by Meunier. This was published in a bilingual Spanish and English version as "Wings of Thuinder" a couple of years ago. Its subject is the hundreds of Anglo-Argentine aircrew who served in the RAF. A few copies of the Spanish version are still available in Argentina. I recommend it.



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