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hanshauprich 7th August 2017 12:05

Mustang I
I have seen an photo from an crashed Mustang I.(Photo is not my property!)
The plane lost the Propeller when crased, but the rest is on good condiction. Only an X with the RAF Cocarde is cleary seen, the most interest fact is that Major Oesau JG 2, in flying cloth inspect the plane. The cockpit is closed and the are no battle damage seen. Any chance to give an date of loss? and the fate of its Pilot?

PMoz99 7th August 2017 12:23

Re: Mustang I
I thought we might get a date if Oesau downed the plane, but he has no listed kill for a P-51.

hanshauprich 7th August 2017 12:48

Re: Mustang I
I think the "X" is the only marking on the plane! What Sqn. used this kind of identification? The Mustang lying in an cornfield, the corn is green, so I think it must be about May or June. On the right wing standing two Luftwaffen soldiers, they looks like from an Flak Unit.Oesau an the other Pilot carry the heay lightgrey colour leader jackets with dark fure. Oh, on the backside of the photo is handwritten "Spitfire" and "Major Oesau"! But it is an Mustang I.

kaki3152 7th August 2017 14:07

Re: Mustang I
Is it this Mustang I?

hanshauprich 7th August 2017 14:21

Re: Mustang I
Yes this is the Mustang! I'm sure there are more photo's taken.

Tony Kambic 7th August 2017 15:15

Re: Mustang I
See the carb intake above the engine, Allison powered.

Graham Boak 7th August 2017 17:23

Re: Mustang I
For the later part of the war the Army Air Co-operation/Fighter Reconnaissance squadrons didn't carry squadron codes on their Mustangs.

kaki3152 7th August 2017 19:47

Re: Mustang I
Since Oesau visited the airplane, the date of his crash must have been before March 1944

Horst Weber 7th August 2017 20:28

Re: Mustang I

Originally Posted by hanshauprich (Post 237699)
Yes this is the Mustang! I'm sure there are more photo's taken.


this looks like a still image of a footage. Probably a footage for the Wochenschau. This may explain the presence of Major Oesau.

The grain in the field looks like a June/July growth.

If the landscape is in Germany, Niederrhein and Münsterland are my favorites.

What's about the church in the background ?. There is a road in the background, too, which is led by regular set poles.

But my most favorated fact is the possibility of a Wochenschau Footage.

best wishes !

Horst Weber

Heuser 8th August 2017 01:43

Re: Mustang I
Good evening,

I've seen this photo elsewhere, captioned with Mustang I, AG661 of 400.Sqdn (F/L Wilfred Herman Gordon) on 6th July 1943 near Glos-la-Ferrière. At least the spire in the background matches with Saint-Agnan...



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