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Pathfinder 22nd September 2006 11:38

JAAF Formations?
I have read that the JAAF adopted the 'Finger Four' formation later in the war, but have read original WW2 reports of disorganised-looking flights of Japanese aircraft earlier in the conflict.

Can anyone please explain how JAAF Chutais were organised in the air, both earlier and later in the war?

Jim P. 22nd September 2006 21:18

Re: JAAF Formations?
From rosters I've seen both the JAAF and JNAF the basic formation through the early years was a 3-plane section, the section leader (sho-taicho) and two wingmen. 3 section generally made up a squadron (chutai-buntai), the leader heading the 1st section (Chutaicho-Buntaicho), so on and so forth. (See 'Bloody Shambles' or either 'First Team' volume for Navy. Also if you go to August 05 on this board you'll find some graphic renditions of early 64th Sentai flight rosters.)

Later, I know for sure that the Navy adopted the 4-plane section having seen several pilot rosters for the Marianas and at Ponape (Avions #149 or 150 lists flight rosters for 5-6 Navy missions covering 38-45 timeframe.) Never seen an Army flight roster from the latter half of the war, so can't coment about that definitively.

Pathfinder 23rd September 2006 14:24

Re: JAAF Formations?
Thanks for this information. I will check out the website you provided and take a look.

Cheers once again.

Jim P. 25th September 2006 20:58

Re: JAAF Formations?
That was July/August 2005.

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