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DavidIsby 5th July 2022 22:32

Virginia Bader, aviation art gallery owner and patron
From Facebook:
Rick Herter Art

The Aviation Art world lost a legend today with the passing of my dear friend, Virginia Bader. For those of you who never met her, Virginia was the pioneering force that put Aviation Art on the map as a viable art genre' for decor and collectability. If you ever visited Oshkosh of Sun-in-Fun and toured the exhibit buildings you couldn't miss the Virginia Bader Fine Arts gallery booth. Most may not know this but in the 1970's Virginia began her career by loading up the trunk of a Ford Pinto and selling the famous Spitfire print by Barrie Clark at airshows around the United States. She eventually settled in Alexandria, VA and had a beautiful gallery on King St. in Alexandria. After many years on the East coast she opened a second gallery at the John Wayne, Orange County Airport in Southern California. She pioneered the concept of the 'Ace's signed' fine art print and weekend Ace's symposiums where the public could meet and hear famous aviators and combat pilots share their stories.
Virginia began representing my work in the late 1980's and like many other aviation artists of the last 40 years, I would not have enjoyed the career I've had were it not for my dear friend.
I know that Virginia is probably sitting around a big table sharing a glass of wine with her dear friends, Robin Olds, Adolph Galland, and Chuck Yeager........just to name a few. Virginia, you'll leave an immeasurable hole in the lives of all who were your friends including mine. God Speed 'Ginny.' May all of your flying days be filled with sunshine, gentle breezes and your favorite wingmen flying escort, to your left and to your right.

Teresa Maria 14th August 2022 00:25

Re: Virginia Bader, aviation art gallery owner and patron
Rest in peace.

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