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Chris Goss 20th April 2017 20:32

Alfred Price
Just been told he passed 29 Jan 17. A great inspiration & mentor to me

Crimea River 21st April 2017 00:49

Re: Alfred Price
Very sad. I have many of Alfred's books and he will be missed.

kaki3152 21st April 2017 05:06

Re: Alfred Price
Damn,another of my favorite authors gone.I still have most of his books.

VtwinVince 22nd April 2017 04:58

Re: Alfred Price
RIP. I also have countless books by him.

Marcel Hogenhuis 22nd April 2017 11:43

Re: Alfred Price
Dear all,

Sad news indeed, may he rest in piece and stay a source of inspiration for the next generation of air war historians. Wasn't he knighted for his work Chris?

All the best, Marcel

Jukka Juutinen 22nd April 2017 17:22

Re: Alfred Price
His Spitfire Story is still the other cornerstone of all Spitfire book collections.

Dan History 22nd April 2017 22:15

Re: Alfred Price
Dr. Price was an excellent historian and good man, by all accounts. May he Rest in Peace.

Chris Goss 23rd April 2017 01:20

Re: Alfred Price
He was never knighted but got an honorary Dr if I am not much mistaken

Nick Beale 23rd April 2017 14:09

Re: Alfred Price
I never knew him but eagerly read his work and Battle Over The Reich was the first book I bought once I'd started work and could afford the 4. His writing style was also an inspiration for being at once highly readable and informative. Battle of Britain: The Hardest Day is a shining example for the way he sets the scene and then takes you to the heart of action.

Jim Oxley 24th April 2017 03:03

Re: Alfred Price
A great writer and historian. So sad. :(

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