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Chris Goss 2nd March 2017 13:43

Beaufighter Fates
Could anyone please tell me the fates of R2153, R2198 and T3237?

Stig Jarlevik 2nd March 2017 17:47

Re: Beaufighter Fates

Checking Air Britain's histories
R2153 (2 OTU) became a 'synthetic trainer' (whatever that was...) in October 1941
R2198 (2 OTU) crashed 4.4.1942 when it overshot its landing at Driffield
T3237 (252 Sq) was damaged by a Hurricane and crashlanded at Luqa 3.5.1941

I also notice that both R2153/R2198 once belonged to 252 Sq as well.


Chris Goss 2nd March 2017 18:37

Re: Beaufighter Fates
Thanks Stig. Anything on T4877 (and yes, all were on 252 book started). Synthetic trainer I would expect to be used for ground training and not being capable of flying any more

Stig Jarlevik 2nd March 2017 20:13

Re: Beaufighter Fates
Nothing much Chris

T4877 252 Sq missing 28.6.42

I must say the 'synthetic trainer' sounds a bit funny. Yes I also presume it was for some kind of GIA basis, but I never come across the words in such a context before.

But, as they say, it's good to laugh :)


Flupke 5th March 2017 11:53

Re: Beaufighter Fates

T-4877 maybe with 248Sqn F/O Thwaites Frederick Easton RAAF (POW) 400606 /Sgt Johnston G. 942802 13:20 nearby Derna


Flupke 5th March 2017 11:59

Re: Beaufighter Fates
Sorry 252Sqn

Flupke 5th March 2017 12:03

Re: Beaufighter Fates
T-3237 BT-K Luqa 3/5/41 Crash landing maybe F/Lt Riley William "Bill" DFC(WND)37422

Chris Goss 10th May 2017 13:07

Re: Beaufighter Fates
Can anyone help with the fate of T4831 as well? Many thanks in advance

Col Bruggy 10th May 2017 14:41

Re: Beaufighter Fates

No.252 Sqn
Beaufighter Ic T4831 'D'

Shot down by Bf 110 while attacking Ju 52/3m between Crete-Tobruk.

116989 P/O (Pilot) Thomas Gledstone SHAW RAFVR +
945624 F/Sgt (Nav.) Ivor Ronald SNAPE RAFVR +

Both commemorated on the Alamein Memorial.

MAW2/Shores et al/568 & CWGC.


Chris Goss 10th May 2017 15:27

Re: Beaufighter Fates
Many thanks; perchance do you have the crew names for T4877 i.e were they 248 or 252 as indicated above?

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