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John Manrho 5th May 2010 22:59

Stock is low....
Although I generally don't like to advertise my own book, I want to inform the members that currently "Bodenplatte, The Luftwaffe's Last Hope" is very low on stock. Only a few dozen remain in stock at Hikoki. So....if anybody is thinking of buying it, now is the right time! You never know if there will be a reprint.



Jukka Juutinen 6th June 2010 20:47

Re: Stock is low....
John, Stackpole Books is currently listing a softcover smaller format (6" x 9") edition of Bodenplatte to appear late this year...As is Patrick Laureau´s Condor in a similar edition.

John Manrho 10th June 2010 23:57

Re: Stock is low....

True, I wasn't informed about that until recently. I did not see a copy yet or have any idea how it compares to the original book. We will see.



Jukka Juutinen 12th June 2010 05:57

Re: Stock is low....
Well, based on previous editions by that publisher those who are more interested in the text will be most happy as the price is most decent. Due to the crudish paper used, the photo quality has usually suffered. One must also bear in mind that Stackpole´s distribution is much wider than that of the "specialists" like Hikoki leading to substantially larger customer base who may have never heard of publishers like Hikoki, JJf etc before.

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