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O.Menu 19th November 2005 15:32

about JG 301 markings
Hi !

First thanks for this magnificent book describing planes near one by one with so many photos and such nice profiles!

My question is just that i would like to know why someone from NASM told you that the Ta 152 blue horizontal bar marking is a post-war marking ?

From what i can see this marking was under the very early overpainting markings done by the English then the Americans. And we dont have any photos showing the aircraft under his previous German markings to be able to say that this blue bar was not there...

So imho this blue marking looks pretty original and not only because i could be biased/slanted since i have said that a green horizontal bar must be the JG301 Gechwader marking before knowing that they found a blue one! ;)

Cheers, Olivier

Eric Larger 19th November 2005 16:33

Re: about JG 301 markings
Olivier ,

I cannot say why it was a post war marking , but Marc went to NASM this summer and was said that this marking was not an original one , applied afterwar . The coloutr is very close to the one observed for masking the german markings on 601088 . Eventhough it seems, that JG301 used particuliar markings for their machines this blue bar does not seems to be taken in account . The man Marc met was taking part in the restoration of TA152H-0 , and was well aware in the description of the several paints applied on it .

Thanks for your comments on our book .


O.Menu 21st November 2005 22:57

Re: about JG 301 markings
Rgr, thanks for your so quick answer Eric.

To tell the truth I m not yet really convinced...

SMF144 23rd November 2005 17:29

Re: about JG 301 markings
Here's a link to a pic of the topic in question; which, by-the-way, I am finding very interesting, so keep at it.


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