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Wim de Meester 11th August 2020 14:57

looking for researcher
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this because official researchers at the N.A. don't response. Anyone willing to photograph two files about the 76. AA-Brigade being the wardiaries from mid-November '44 through mid April '45 (WO171/4889 and WO171/1084. These are not digitalized and are necessary for our volumes about the airwar over Zuid-Beveland to be published next year.
Conditions to be negotiated.

Frank Olynyk 11th August 2020 15:14

Re: looking for researcher

The National Archives (College Park and Washington) is closed because of Covid 19. Researchers cannot enter the building, and the archivist staff are working from home, and thus cannot copy anything. I have not seen any information on when it will reopen.



Wim de Meester 11th August 2020 16:18

Re: looking for researcher

we learned that it's open from 22 July last though there are limits in force. Only one day visits for example and a max. of 6 files.

Frank Olynyk 11th August 2020 16:39

Re: looking for researcher
I guess I got confused here. The US National Archives is still closed. The National Archives/PRO in Kew has reopened to a certain extent. They have just announced further reopening steps, see

Since Covid-19 travel is probably not feasible (quarantine?) you will probably have to wait until research-contractors are willing to return.



DavidIsby 14th August 2020 03:16

Re: looking for researcher
I have seen on Facebook someone offering copies of war diaries of British units in action in Europe in 1944-45. I have not used them but they may provide an alternative to waiting until the facility at Kew is fully operational.

DavidIsby 14th August 2020 16:41

Re: looking for researcher

I did not include the contact information in this previous post. Have no experience as to quality or cost.

Wim de Meester 14th August 2020 20:22

Re: looking for researcher
anyway both thank you for the info
best rgds - Wim

andy bird 20th August 2020 15:28

Re: looking for researcher
Hi Wim,

Main problem is the TNA 'Time slots' are taking within minutes of being released, such is the demand.

Unfortunately the senior staff did not foresee the demand !

Kind regards

Andy Bird

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